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                  The soap ( soap beldi ) is a paste of vegetable origin used to prepare the skin scrub. It is prepared to base flesh olive oil or black olive pressed. It is in the form of a thick creamy paste which becomes in contact with water . It is not irritating and is known for its soothing and softening properties. Especially , the soap removes dirt and dead skin . And makes beautiful and glowing skin. Rich in vitamin , it is suitable all skin and acts as an exfoliant and a great moisturizer.




                  Argan oil , 100 virtues , comes in 2 forms or blank for health treatments and cosmetic treatments or as gourmet cooking oil . Argan oil used for care, is 100% organic and natural. It is produced only in Morocco by women involved in solidarity and distributed networks of fair trade cooperatives. Argan oil is exceptionally rich in vitamin antioxidant E and unsaturated fatty acid. This is not only an extraordinary Pro Age wrinkle but it is also a way to fight against cellulite and unnecessary curves. Note that it provides a beautiful hair , etc ...




                  Rhassoul clay is a natural mineral used by oriental women for their hair and body care . It is based on the only known deposits in the world located along the Middle Atlas , Morocco. They are converted into powder or chips . Rhassoul is part of the culture of the Arab Hammam . in use for over 12 centuries by all the Moroccan population , it serves as facial mask and poultice to the body. It softens the skin, reduces sebum secretion and regenerates the skin by eliminating dead cells and rebalances tightening its pores. thanks to its cleansing properties, it is generally used for facials, body, hair, etc ...




                  Moroccans are the first to have used this plant which they used to both medicinal remedy and cosmetic. henna is extracted from a small shrub called lawsonia . Its leaves contain a colorant, lawsone . henna sheath hair, go stronger , shinier , thicker. Note that henna fades over time. It can also be used for tattooing . You should know that the henna tattoo is part of a relatively old festive tradition in Morocco. This art allows women to give free rein to their creativity. Of henna is an exclusively feminine moment often drop during a ceremony before the wedding . In general , use is made a woman specializing in the preparation of henna , Who has a talent in drawing floral motifs or arabesques , they are called hennayats .